Over $42,000 raised in 2011. Thank you donors and participants, and congratulations, Shelby County, Ky


Shelby County Community Charity is based in Shelby County, Kentucky, and was incorporated in 1996, to help a young cancer patient and his family. Throughout the past several years, the Charity has raised more than $1,000,000 that has been returned to Shelby County residents!
Take a few minutes and get to know the Charity, the people and agencies we have helped in the past, and continue to help today.

Get to know Michael Long, the young boy whose illness triggered the charity.

Take a look at some of the pictures we have included from our fund raising efforts. You may see someone you know personally, or someone you recognize from the local, state or national scene!

Each and every one of us has an obligation, a responsibility to take care of our brothers and sisters regardless of race, nationality or age.

It’s become normal to accept that you, as one person, cannot make a difference! As long as you accept that, you cannot make a difference. Don’t ignore the needs that surround you, but make an effort to help others in need.


Shelby Charity Donates to Backpack Program
christy-meridith-backpack-program-modShelby County Charity was thrilled to donate $1,000.00 of food to the Shelby County Backpack Program. Pictured next to some of the items donated is Christy Meridith, Executive Director of the Backpack Program. The Backpack Program sends food home with children over the weekend that may not otherwise have access to a sufficient food source. Just another example of how the wonderful generosity of our Shelby County Community enables us to enrich the lives of someone in need.   



The charity is only as successful as the people to lead it. Over the past two decades, we have helped numerous families in our community, and we need your help to continue this rich tradition.

If you are interested in membership on the board or would like to help on one of our committees please contact Larry Montalto here.
It all began with a 14 year old named Michael Long. Perfectly normal in every sense, Michael loved sports, playing basketball, baseball, and really concentrating on soccer. Fought with his older brother Jeff, over anything and everything, and losing most of the time because Jeff was 4 years older! Click for more about Michael.
Shelby County Community Charities is an action group of concerned citizens with a common purpose of operating exclusively for charitable causes; recognizing and financially assisting those in our community who need assistance because of health problems, socioeconomic difficulties, and/or the empowerment to assist in educational or recreational development.